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Asset Management Strategies for Circuit Breakers

Best Practices in Distribution Asset Management

Blending a Substation into its Environment

Bushing Spares Policy

Circuit Breakers – Information Requirements

Circuit Breaker Research Action Plan

Disconnect Switch Asset Management

Determination of the Mechanical Resistance of Soils for Distribution Systems

Engineering Assessment of Autotransformers and Step-down Transformers

Expert Technical Assistance for Issues Related to Power Transformers

Equipment Installation Protocols

Effective Monitoring Technology for Circuit Breakers

End of Life Decisions for Circuit Breakers

End of Life Model for Load Tap Changers

High Voltage Gas Insulated Stations

Innovative Application of Fibre Optics on Distribution

Innovative Methodologies for Managing Aged Transformer Fleets

Innovative Transmission Technology Solutions For Increasing Power Flows On a Power Delivery System

Installation of Wireless Communication Antennas on Transmission Structures

Knowledge Capture

Life Expectancy of 72 kV Circuit Breakers

Multi-Criteria Decision Support Tools

Microgrids and Distributed Generation: A Path Forward for Power Delivery Utilities

Power Systems Analysis - A University level Electrical Engineering Course

Power Systems Course for Non Technical Personnel

Review and Update of Guidelines for the Life Extension of Substation Equipment

Risk-based Approach to Station Security

Rate Design: Industry Best Practices and Options

Substation Equipment Specifications

Study of Disconnect Switch Performance and Practices

Transformer Asset Management

Transformer Modification Study

Transmission System Assets - Condition and Performance Assessment 

Technical Requirement Documentation to Meet Transmission Code Contestability Requirements

Transmission Utility Asset Condition Assessment

Transformer Asset Health Model Validation

Transformer Tap Changer Oil Filter Efficiencies

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